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Door Lock Upgrades

3 star Kitemarked cylinders offer you the highest possible security to prevent you being broken in to by the most common burglary methods!

BSi 3* Kitemarked
Secured by Design
Comes with 5 keys
£5,000 guarantee

Security features include…

Anti Snap
Anti Tilt
Anti Bump
Anti Drill
Anti Pick

Keyed alike cylinders also available


  • BSi 3* Kitemarked
  • Secured by Design approved by the association of Police officers
  • 1 hour fire rated
  • Supplied with 5 keys
  • 6 pin cylinder makes it more difficult to break in to
  • Unlike some other cylinders, it can be opened from the inside it if it attacked from the outside
  • Does not use trap pins so there is no danger of you being trapped inside your home in case of a fire
  • Over 800,000 different key combinations
  • Unrestricted keyway makes it easy for you to get replacement keys cut if necessary – no need to pay extortionate price for LESS SECURE car key type keys
  • Can be keyed alike or mastersuited
  • Tested to EN1303:2005

£5,000 cylinder guarantee…


The cylinder guarantee scheme gives you the guarantee that you get broken in to when a 3* Kinetica cylinder is installed, and your insurance company will not pay out, UAP will pay up to £5,000 to cover the costs of the stolen goods!

uap key fob

The cylinder comes with a key fob which includes a serial number. You can register the cylinder on the UAP website to activate your guarantee. What’s more, you will also have access to ‘My Keys.’ This allows you to keep a record of your key number and an image, so if you ever lost all of your keys, you can log in to the website and simply take the key number and image to a key cutter to get cut. This will save you the expense of having to replace their cylinder!

What each security feature does…


Cylinder snapping is one of the most common burglary methods, accounting for around 27% of home break ins. If a cylinder is protruding from the external handle any more than 2mm, it is possible to use tools to snap the cylinder. The weakest part of a cylinder is at the screw hole as there is less metal here. Once the cylinder snaps here, it is very easy to manipulate it in to opening. The cylinder has an anti snap cut, so when force is applied to the end to try to snap it, the cylinder will break away to the anti snap line only, leaving the remaining cylinder operational and the locking mechanism intact. 2 pins also remain intact, meaning that the cylinder is still locked and can even still be unlocked with your key! This makes it easy to replace the cylinder if you need to.

Anti Tilt

In normal cylinders once a cylinder is snapped at the outside end, the inner section is heavier and will tilt allowing the burglar a small gap to gain access to the bolt. But the anti tilt ring stops this happening.


Lock bumping is another common burglary method. A dummy key is insert in to the cylinder and when force is applied, it causes all the pins to bounce up and down, tricking the cylinder in to opening. This has caused a lot of issues for homeowners, because there is very little evidence that the cylinder was bumped. Insurance companies often refuse to pay out as they believe that you have left the door unlocked instead. The cylinder has a unique and patented anti-bump system which does not use trap pins which prevents it from being bumped. This system also makes the turning of the cylinder key extra smooth.


People will also try to drill the pins in the cylinder to make it open. 7 x hardened steel anti-drill pins are in each side of the cylinder to make it extremely difficult to drill. Plus all moving pins are nickel plated hardened steel 50 HRC minimum.


Minimum of 3 anti-pick pins in each side of the cylinder makes it extremely difficult for a common burglar to pick the cylinder.